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Thomas Paintball - Mississippi Woodsball

Welcome to the Thomas Paintball club. We are a group of woodsballers in west/central Mississippi who enjoy playing paintball at the home of Richard Thomas in Edwards, MS (about halfway between Vicksburg and Jackson). We also enjoy going to Action Pursuit Games of Brandon for a larger and more organized setting. This group was formed from the Yokena Crue, a group of guys named for the quaint community of Yokena, Ms (pronounced Yŏk’ - nə). We have been playing recreational woodsball for several years and are looking for more people to join us. As most of us are college students, play during the school semesters will be limited, but not impossible.

Paintball is not extremely popular in Mississippi as it is in other areas of the country, but with this website and us doing our part we hope to bring some individuals together to enjoy this great sport of competition, strength, cooperation, and friendship. So, please feel free to contact us at anytime, and join our forum.

-To contact Richard, John, or Bobby send an email to 

    -For a boatload of information about woodsball including techniques, woodsball specific product, take a look at:  SpecialOpsPaintball is just a great site for woodsball specific paintball.
    -Rob "Tyger" Rubin's video website: 
    -Michael Phillips' paintball vids:
    -For paintball stuff right here in the great state of Mississippi:
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